Dr. Carolina Gonzalez

Dr. Carolina Gonzalez

Holistic health practitioner and mum of two

“This 12 week program is designed to reset your body and lifestyle to become the healthiest you! In 12 weeks you can reduce body weight, reduce body fat percentage, improve energy levels and digestive processes.” – Dr. Carolina Gonzalez

Crafted by Dr. Carolina Gonzales, winner of the Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year award in 2004 (at the age of 23!), the 12 Week & Beyond Nutritional Program is one of the industry’s best. Dr. Gonzales is an inspiring force in the holistic health field, and she has structured an incredible program with easy to follow meal plans and incredibly tasty, yet nutrient-rich recipes to help keep you sustained and feeling full over the next 12 weeks. You will also receive a complete shopping list of foods to enjoy, as well as a listing of foods to avoid.

But this isn’t a fad diet: it’s a long-term, lifestyle nutritional program. Available in the form of an eBook, it is super easy to download, but we’ve found our clients get the best results by having it printed at Office Works so you can refer to it and use it forever.


Bachelor of Health Science – Chinese Medicine
Physiogenomics Consultant