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Eva Poci


As a mum and full-time worker, I know first-hand how the daily demands of your household, your family, and your job mesh together into one big, stressful tangle.

It’s hard to justify investing time and energy in your health and wellbeing when there are bills to be paid on time and groceries to be purchased. Finding the space (any space, actually) to take care of yourself is near impossible in your already-hectic schedule.

So I’m offering you a solution: do it from the comfort of your own home, and I’ll guide you to achieve your body goals. For just $79.95, the easy-to-understand (and easy-to-implement) Level 1 and 2 12 Week Programs will seamlessly complement even the busiest lifestyle.

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What is included in the Level 1 and Level 2 12 Week Challenges?

For each level of training, you’ll receive –

  • A complete training and guidance plan including nutrition, fitness and mental health
  • 3 workouts per week which are flexible enough that you can do them either at home, or in the gym
  • Specially-tailored Mindset tips to keep you focussed and inspired throughout each week (1 per week for the duration of the 12 weeks)

Please bear in mind that Level 1 is meant to be completed first, while Level 2 builds upon and extends your health and fitness goals as outlined in Level 1.

The entire 12 Week Challenge will be emailed to you as soon as you have completed check out and payment has been confirmed.

With each 12 Week Challenge, you will receive your Micro Band via post shortly after. As we are based in Melbourne, the actual postage time may vary (depending on your location – please see the estimated delivery time table below). In the meantime, you will have already received all the information you need to get prepared – from ensuring your runners are laced comfortably, to making sure your fridge (and pantry) are stocked with nutritious food choices as outlined in the plans.

Being organised and prepared is the key to success.

Once you have your Micro Band in your hands, your program will kick off the following calendar Monday. So make sure you’ll be ready for it!

It’s that simple. So the sooner you checkout online, the sooner you’ll receive your Micro Band in the mail – and the sooner you’ll get on track to a healthier, fitter you.

Take this journey with me and we’ll create a new and fresh, positive lifestyle together.

“Strengthening your core muscles and your back is the main focus of the 12 Week Challenges – and you’ll learn how to activate the right muscles, at the right time, like never before. Using gentle, yet achievable and effective exercises that are accessible by those of all fitness levels, the programs will get you moving and make you feel better about your whole self in no time. Each program includes a free microband, which will completely transform your shape – especially your midsection and glutes.

You’ll see how I lost my baby weight, strengthened my back and shoulders, and got back into the best shape I’ve been in since high school! By following the set guidelines through the entire 12 weeks, you will graduate the program with a lower body fat percentage, better posture, a strong, steady core, and a more welcoming, positive attitude towards your lifestyle.
– Eva Poci


There may already be an answer! Just hit up the FAQs tab of my website. For example:

Q : I’ve signed up and paid, now what?
A : Congratulations! I look forward to partnering with you on your fitness journey!

Firstly, check your email. Your entire 12 Week Challenge should have made it over to your inbox by now. If not, make sure to check out your spam and junk folders, just in case it’s accidentally bounced over there. Read through the information carefully – and get prepared!

Q : What do I get in the 12 Week Challenge?
A : There are 3 elements to your purchase:

  1. Your 12 Week Exercise Program (with 3 workouts each week)
  2. Your 12 Week & Beyond Nutritional Program
  3. Your 12 Weekly Mindset Tips

You will receive all of them automatically via email as soon as you complete the online checkout.

Q : Do I need to purchase any additional equipment for the 12 Week Challenge?
A : If you don’t already have a set of dumbells and a kettle bell, we recommend you purchase them prior to starting the 12 Week Challenge. Our recommended weight is 3-5kg, however, if you already train frequently at the gym and feel confident with your ability to exercise, feel free to purchase weights in the 7-10kg range. The weight may vary from person to person due to natural strength, exercise history and many other variables. These types of equipment are extremely cost-effective – simply check online and at major retail outlets.

Eduardo Espinosa

Eduardo Espinosa

The program has been created with assistance from Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Eduardo Espinosa.

“Since graduating with a Bachelor of Exercise Science in 2008, I have been actively involved in the fitness industry, and loving every second of it. I have worked at the recreational level, as well as assisting the performance of elite athletes. I have recently completed my Masters of Exercise Science and have moved to ‘Life Hub’ gym in a full-time capacity. I am passionate about helping people achieve their specific goals and subsequently watching them continually improve. I believe there is nothing more rewarding than being able to assist people by advocating healthy and enjoyable lifestyles, therefore collaborating with Eva on her 12 Week Programs was the perfect next step for me, allowing me to broaden my reach in changing peoples lives.”